Having grown up in the small coastal town of Southport, on the southeast coast of North Carolina, I spent many of my early years on Bald Head Island, where my father was the caretaker. It was here that I developed a passion for nature spending my summers, many holidays and weekends on what was then an uninhabited island. Our family enjoyed fishing, riding loggerhead sea turtles back into the surf and endless explorations of the islandís beaches and maritime forest. It was a childhood many could only dream of. I love the outdoors, the salt air and the sense of adventure. Through these early experiences, I gained an appreciation of nature, family and of the amazing God who created it all.

With the help and support of my husband Dwayne, I have photographed the beauty of this country and internationally. Dwayne encourages me to go beyond my comfort zone, just one more curve, just one more hill, just beyond the trail. Because of his encouragement to go just one more, I have seen amazing sights that I would have missed staying in my comfort zone. I am blessed with an amazing husband.

My inspiration comes from the beauty around me in this natural world. Capturing the beauty that God has blessed us with is my passion. I stand in amazement at His handiwork every day of my life.

The website name, Blessed By The Light, was chosen because of two lights, light of the sun that illuminates our planet and Light of the Son who illuminates our lives, if we believe and accept Him.

Hopefully, you have enjoyed the beauty of our world through these images, I was blessed to be there, you can be too. Get up and out, go beyond your comfort zone, open your senses to enjoy this amazing planet be it as near as your backyard or as far as you can travel!

Happy Trails!